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Call Poison Control


The Poison Control Center is a poisoning emergency information service staffed by nurses, pharmacists and doctors.  They will answer your questions about what to do in the event of a poisoning, and can offer suggestions for the proper use and storage of pharmaceuticals and chemicals in the home.


All calls are free and completely confidential.


Over-the-Counter Medications

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OTC, or over-the-counter medication can be just as dangerous as pharmaceuticals when used improperly.  Like other drugs, the color, odor and taste of these medications can sometimes encourage children to injest them.



  • Keep all medication, even OTC medication, away from children in a locked cabinet.


  • Never leave medication in cups or dishes.  It makes them look like candy to curious children.


  • Keep all medications in their original packaging and make sure caps are closed tightly after each use.


  • Never call medication "candy".  It sends the wrong message to kids.



  • Keep a list of all medications you take and their dosage in the event of an accidental poisoning.

  • Call Poison Control Center immediately.  


  • DO NOT try to make the child vomit, or give anything by mouth to dilute it.


  • Make sure you have the exact name and dosage of the drug that was swallowed.


  • DO NOT give Syrup of Ipecac (to induce vomiting) unless and until you are directed to do so by the Poison Control Center.


  • If instructed to make child vomit, DO NOT use fingers or any other objects.  Syrup of Ipecac is the only safe method to do this.

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