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Sometimes, you can safely and effectively treat your child at home.  Other times, it's necessary to seek immediate medical advice based on the symptoms your child is displaying.


When you child suffers from any of the following symptoms, please contact us right away for medical advice.

Please Call Us Immediately for:

  • any baby less than 12 weeks old with irritability, lethargy, poor feeding or rectal temperature at or above 100.4 F

  • difficulty breathing

  • possible broken bone

  • vomiting green or bloody material

  • coughing up blood

  • bloody diarrhea/rectal bleeding

  • purple rash

  • head injury with loss of consciousness, vomiting, confusion or sleepiness

  • seizure or loss of consciousness

  • a cut that may require stitches

  • persistent abdominal pain that is not relieved with a pain reliever

  • testicular pain

  • severe headache, especially if with vomiting, confusion or stiff neck

  • dehydration (no urination for 10-12 hrs; sticky tongue; no tears when crying)

  • suicidal thinking or behavior

  • if you are very concerned about your child

716 592-2832

If after hours, please dial the same number and leave a message with our answering service.  A medical staff member will promptly return your call with further instructions.

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